Local Businesses

In Southern California you can find a variety of citizen-owned and operated businesses. Whether you need a Taxi/Uber ride or a late night snack from one of our roadside food trucks, there’s plenty of ways to spend your money in the city. Most businesses are in your cell phone directory but you can use the directory below to get more information about each business as well.

  • Citizen-Owned Businesses
    • MazeBank (a Bank of Southern California Company)
    • Benny’s Garage
    • The Mechanic Shop
    • Doug’s Garage
    • White Water Rafting
    • Liberty Luxury Transports
    • Bahama Mamas
    • Yellow Jack Inn (Biker Bar and Grill)
    • Whisky a Go Go
    • Pub AG (Beachside Bar)
    • Full Throttle Therapy (Motorcycles)
    • Rojo Airlines
    • Club Unicorn
  • Available Businesses to Purchase
    • Taxi Service
    • Food Truck