SoCal Fight Night a ‘Knock-Out Hit’ for Los Santos!

by Rebecca Hughes

Fireworks of more than one kind punctuated Los Santos’ highly anticipated Fight Night event this evening as brawlers faced off in the ring. The bright lights and loud cheers attracted large crowds to Grove Street, causing multiple automobile accidents as drivers stopped to gawk.

Local emergency crews and even some citizens took to the streets to try and restore order as the fights continued in elimination brackets amid the backdrop of chaos. Burst water mains, fiery explosions, and rabid neighborhood dogs weren’t the only surprises the evening held.

The crowd had let out a collective gasp when fan favorite and sole female entrant, Sergeant Madison Burkhardt was unexpectedly taken down by her opponent within seconds of her first pair-up. Medical assistance was quickly rendered but no doubt the Sergeant was still seeing ‘flashing lights’ for awhile.

During a match in the second round, another fighter was knocked out so fast that a hearse was called for but quickly dismissed when it became apparent that he was still alive. As the night went on however, one contender had seemed poised to take first place, his progressive winning streak raising eyebrows among the watching crowd.

The superstitious might think changing the starting positions cost Mr. Jaanus Gonzales in his last fight, but the second place winner admitted afterward in an interview that he hadn’t expected to do as well as he had and was happy with the outcome. The first place winner of the main event and now reigning South California Champion, Mr. Alvaro Ananos, credited training with his fellow Benny’s crew for his victory.

The respect seemed mutual as the crew closed in to congratulate him. When asked if he would be rubbing in the triumph among coworkers who lost to him in the ring, Ananos replied, “Nah, I like to keep it humble.” Acting Coach for the team and one of the Benny’s Bosses, “Black Doug” proudly stated he’d bet on Ananos and won, the amount sizeable.

Another Benny’s employee, Mr. Dexter Harding, was named the winner of the Royal Rumble, bringing even more acclaim to the well-known custom automobile specialists. The Rumble, held after the bracket pairings, was a free-for-all to determine who would hold third place in the event.

All three winners received jackpot earnings according to their ranking, with the addition of second place getting a custom car from Benny’s and first place, a stylish boat. Thanks go out to the event’s sponsors for helping make those winnings possible: Bahama Mama’s, Bank of Liberty, Whitewater Rafting, and Percival Pellinore. Hopefully the success of the event will have a positive effect on Grove Street, at least once utilities are fully restored there.

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