Guilty verdict for Kavorsky as traffic riot rages outside Courthouse

by Rebecca Hughes

Although the atmosphere within was relatively calm, rioting began in the streets outside the Los Santos Courthouse today during the city’s first trial held earlier, causing extensive damage to property and injuring bystanders. The milestone court case drew large crowds, contributing to the traffic congestion already common in the downtown areas and sparking violence among drivers and pedestrians. While emergency crews responded to the scene, the already on-going trial of Mr. John Kavorsky continued and a verdict was reached. Having been accused of grand theft auto and felony fleeing and eluding, Kavorsky was represented by lawyer and prominent community businessman Jaanus Gonzales. Despite being a newcomer to the city and having no previous criminal record, Kavorsky was found guilty after a short deliberation by the Hon. Judge Carroll and sentenced to forty-five months in prison. The case marks a notch in the belt of the prosecuting District Attorney Barry Logan, and the guilty verdict was confirmed by arresting officer Sergeant Madison Burkhardt later at the police station. She was joined by the Hon. Judge Carroll, who spoke about the judicial mandate he had given as his first act once appointed to the bench, which was to clear the records of citizens who were found guilty prior, and his intention to be as fair as possible with those who come before him. On the subject of the trial, Hon. Judge Carroll was impartial and seemed comfortable with the outcome. Cleanup continues outside the Courthouse, but is not expected to impede or delay downtown traffic any further. Perhaps the Hon. Judge’s second mandate should be for better courthouse parking.

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