Server Rules

@Owner : @Raku 🌮
@Admin : @Slim Pickens | @ProfessorXiAN | @Tom Jacks/ Johnny Rose (Cyrical)
@Discord Mod:
Chain of Command:
@Senior Admin
@Discord Mod:
NOTE: Do not start at the top. If you have an issue that requires an admin, tag @Admin under #😰-help if it’s urgent. If they cannot assist you, or you need to escalate further, contact a @Senior Admin. As a last resort, you can contact @Owner after you’ve exhausted all other efforts.

– To the best of your ability, avoid help topics in #general and use #help instead. Be patient! Admins are often busy.
– No disrespect tolerated. This includes excessive swearing and the use of any racist, sexist or homophobic terms.
– Arguments should be handled in private via direct message. Do not bring drama and arguments into general chat.
– All names, emoji’s and avatar icons must be PG-13 rated.
– Purposeful advertising of alternate Discord and game servers is not permitted.
– Sharing links, music videos, etc is permitted but do not spam or be obnoxious.
– Harassment of staff and community members is not permitted. If you are being harassed in a direct message, report it to an admin.
– Are you a streamer? Ask a Discord @Admin for the @streamers role and post when you go live to #streams. Avoid posting in #general more than once per go-live.
– Don’t yell! Adjust your microphone sensitivity! If you are annoying others with loud sounds and obnoxious behavior on the mic you will be muted and/or asked to leave.
– If you are banned in-game you are not permitted to discuss the ban in #general chat. Contact an @admin for help and discuss your options.
– Excessive complaining about in-game jail time, temporary bans, or other disciplinary action in #general chat will result in further consequences.
– If you believe you have been a victim of @admin abuse please contact an alternate admin and report the issue.
– You are free and encouraged to invite your friends to be a part of this community so long as they abide by these rules.
– RESPECT OTHERS. BE TOLERANT. BE POLITE. HAVE FUN. Be a part of the community and create positive interactions!


Discord rules above also apply in-game. Additionally, below rules apply:

  • This is not considered GTA 5 Online and should not be treated as such.
  • To roleplay means to take on an alternate personality, typically different from your real life personality. Often, roleplay is performed over a long period of time with a single character. In roleplay, your character has a second life separate from your own and the actions of the two should not coincide. As a roleplayer, you choose the type of character you want to roleplay as – this may include their name, personality, sex, career, and “life” decisions. In roleplay, your character is not just a video game character and the choices you make, as well as the choices of those around you directly impact your character and your character’s “life.”
  • The intent of a roleplay server differs from GTA 5 Online in that the characters and world are “persistent” and an ongoing story is being told. In many ways, a roleplay server is a job – your character is trying to succeed in a city by getting a job, meeting new people, and making a name for themselves.
  • Roleplay involves talking to people as well as interacting with the environment and those around you.
    Roleplay is not about who can make the most money, sell the most drugs, shoot the most civilians, or drive the fastest cars.
  • Roleplay is about doing things you can’t normally do, within reason. Perhaps you have an office job in real life, but would like to be a deep sea fisherman in roleplay. Or, you are a teacher in real life but have always wanted to be a lawyer. Roleplay allows you to create a secondary persona and fulfill your desires in an alternate world.
    Our roleplay server is realistic and expects players to treat it as such. Jumping off a 10 story building hurts and will hurt your character. You don’t have an aiming crosshair in real life, nor does your character. Running red lights, speeding, and committing crimes has consequences. Realistic roleplay allows you to do things in a virtual world that you might not be doing in real life, but they should still be within reason.

Hacking, Scripthook, and Exploits

  • ScriptHook is disabled on the server. Anyone caught using a bypass will be permanently banned without warning.
  • Database or LUA injection is not tolerated. Anyone caught doing so will be permanently banned without warning.
  • Cheating, hacking, or the use of exploits is not permitted.
  • Intentional circumvention of in-game mechanics may be subject to an immediate ban without warning.

Metagaming and OOC

  • Metagaming is strictly prohibited.
  • Metagaming is any strategy, action or method used in a game which takes place outside of roleplay, uses external factors to affect the game, or goes beyond the limits or environment set forth by the in-game mechanics and rules.
    • Examples of Metagaming:
      • Using information obtained out of character to impact in-game experience for yourself or others. This may include conversations in Discord or in-person.
      • Watching a streamer and using information in their livestream to find them in-game.
      • Viewing an OOC map to gather intel on in-game locations.
      • Talking to someone in Discord Voice Chat without talking in-game.
      • Asking someone who is in the city to tell you where someone or something is.

RDM (Random Death Match) and VDM (Vehicle Death Match)

  • RDM and VDM are not permitted and will result in immediate jail-time and/or ban without warning.
  • RDM is Random Death Match, VDM is Vehicle Death Match. Both involve killing someone without purpose and outside of a roleplay scenario.
    • Examples of RDM:
      • Any act of killing someone who you have not spoken with or roleplayed with. This could involve the use of your fist, a gun or weapon, even explosives.
    • Examples of VDM:
      • Killing people with a vehicle. “Roleplaying as a drunk driver and mowing down pedestrians”
  • More info on Roleplay terms:

Other Rules

  • Sexual roleplay is permitted so long as it is mutually agreed and does not impact the gameplay of others.
  • Nudity and sexual behavior in public are still subject to fine and jail time by Police.
    Acts of terrorism and terrorism RP is not permitted.
  • Suicide RP is not permitted. (If you want to kill your character, speak to an @Admin about the process).
    Mental Disorder RP is not permitted.
  • Interference of streamers using GoPro (broadcasting live) or engaging in activities that breach the TOS of streaming video sites is not permitted. In many cases these rules will be stricter than ours. Use caution.
  • Racist, homophobic, and demeaning others is not permitted. The use of the “N” word for example, even in a roleplay scenario is not permitted.
  • For technical assistance or game assistance as in Discord under #help, or use voice only to ask for assistance in-game.
  • Use /twt in game to “tweet” in chat, anything in “Twitter” is considered part of the roleplay and can be used for roleplay purposes. Do not go out of character in “Twitter”.
  • Disruption of scheduled in-game events is not permitted and will result in a temporary ban for the duration of the event. Check #events – Repeated disruption of scheduled in-game events will result in a permanent ban.
  • Unless approved by an @Admin due to medical or technical reasons, microphones are required.
  • Cop baiting (the act of intentionally antagonizing a police officer, especially outside of a roleplay scenario) is not permitted.
  • No arguing with or pestering admins in-server. If you need to contact an admin, use Discord. Check the
  • If you believe you have been a victim of @Admin abuse please contact an alternate admin and report the issue.
  • You are free and encouraged to invite your friends to be a part of this community so long as they abide by these rules.
  • New Life Rule (NLR) – When you die (spawn at the hospital) your character is to have no memory of the last 15 minutes before you went unconscious/got downed. Failure to follow will result in a warning or even temp ban depending on the circumstances.
  • AGE REQUIREMENT: No person under age 18 is permitted in the Server.
  • RESPECT OTHERS. BE TOLERANT. BE POLITE. HAVE FUN. Be a part of the community and create positive interactions!
  • Toxicity is not welcomed in Discord or in-game. ANY type of toxic behavior will be treated as a bannable offense.

In Character and Out Of Character Issues

  • All issues must be attempted to be resolved first in city / in RP. Do your best to avoid OOC resolution.
  • We have a judicial system set up for this kind of thing. We encourage you to save these issues for court.
  • If you face an unfavorable RP scenario we recommend that you finish that RP then put a complaint form via RP.
  • If you are not content or feel that something truly requires admin assistance, you must submit an OOC report. Remember that if you go OOC while in an RP scene, it is considered FailRP and a police officer will likely give you the 9’s (an in-game “timeout” until an Admin speaks to you. Admins may be busy or offline and are not always available to assist.
  • Make sure you follow the proper chain of command to have your issue resolved as quickly and fairly as possible.
  • Any OOC Report must be submitted here.
  • If you are being messaged in Discord, this is not considered “In-Character” conversations.
  • If you want to send an email via discord it must be specified and follow an email format.
  • Players found to be sending messages and/or going to peoples streams to offend them in any manner is considered harassment and will not be tolerated.
  • To report harassment, please submit the above form and have evidence. We take this very seriously and any form of video, screenshot, or other forms of evidence is important. This is a bannable offense, if enough evidence is provided, a ban will occur without warning.
  • We have Three Warning System in place. Everything is tracked by admins, all evidence is taken into consideration.

Outside Communication

  • Regarding the use of discord or any type of outside communication between civilians:
    • If you are using these communications during any RP situation, you are REQUIRED to keep these coms OPENED. Which means, if you are speaking over coms right in front of someone, you must be also speaking in game. Failure to use these coms in-game will be considered FailRP

The Three Warning System

  • We have a 3 strike system in place. On the 3rd strike, you are banned.
  • The parties involved are spoken to and warned on Strike 1 and 2.
  • We log all evidence and all information is kept confidential when necessary.
  • There is no appeal system after the ban., we will NOT accept any appeals. We believe the first 2 strikes are more than enough of a chance.

New Character Rule
(Not Related to New Life Rule (NLR)

  • Anyone is permitted to “kill off” their character at any time, with @Admin permission!
  • When you kill your character, you will completely wipe your record.
  • This includes (but is not limited to):
    • Money
    • Cars
    • Job
    • Houses
    • Licenses
    • Inventory
    • Clothing
    • Personal appearance
  • Upon your request, admins will COMPLETELY wipe your character and all associated records so you can start over.
  • Wills and transfer of property are NOT allowed. This creates a lot of unnecessary work for administrative staff as there is no mechanism for moving property. Personal and bank funds should be left in your account along with any and all property and inventory which will be wiped upon your death.
  • Players who are found to be abusing the NLR rule by transferring property and money to others will risk being banned for economic manipulation. Those who willingly receive such funds or property also carry the same responsibility.
  • NOTE: If you wish to apply for your job again, you will need to go through the application process as a COMPLETELY NEW character. Business owners and state agencies are NOT obligated to hire you again based on your previous character.
  • NOTE: Warnings and rule enforcement violations follow YOU PERSONALLY, OOC not your character. Creating a new character does NOT wipe your OOC record against the server and if you commit offenses under a new character they will count to your global OOC record.
  • Admins have the right to refuse the killing off of a character for any reason. If denied, an explanation will be made in writing.
  • Any ‘memories’ from your past character cannot be used. This will be considered META and will not be allowed.