Roleplay Terms

  • (OOC) – This means Out Of Character or not related to the RP.
  • (IC) – In Character, these are scenarios or actions within the RP
  • (PG) – Powergaming – This is a big one, PG is doing anything that is unrealistic or unfair such as “/me flys away” while RP’ing with another user. If it does not give the user a chance to react or counteract your RP, that is Power Gaming.
  • (MG) – Metagaming – MG is the act of using OOC (Out of Character) information within an IC (In Character) manner. Examples of this are game functions that wouldn’t be able to be viewed from the eyes of your character (Names above head) or information gained from an outside source such as Teamspeak.
  • (FailRP) – There are many many many ways something could be considered “Fail RP” but I’ll go ahead and give you a few examples: “You are being arrested by APD, you tell them you have a medical condition that cuts circulation to your hands while being restrained, and that it could cause a blood clot in which you would die. A PD then removes your restraints per your RP and expects you to continue RP’ing with them, instead as soon as the restraints are removed you high tail it into the water and suicide. That would be a prime example of FailRP”.
  • Another example would be: You are armed, but your weapon is holstered, another player comes up to rob you with a gun in your face. As he says hands up, you point blank draw your weapon and shoot him. That would be considered FailRP as there is no fear for your life.
  • (RDM) – Random Death Matching – Can be defined as killing a player without reason. People usually get RDM and KOS mixed up with each other as it’s possible to commit RDM without committing KOS. However, it’s not possible to commit KOS without committing RDM. A note for new players: Red zones are always KOS/RDM areas, there are no rules preventing John Wayne from putting you down the second he sees you.
  • (KOS) – Killing on Sight – KOS can be defined by shooting someone the second you see them, going back to the previous (RDM) you may or may not have a reason to kill them. Outside of the red zones this is a major offence and will earn you some ban time, don’t let your temper get to you and initiate with people to be safe (Believe me I learned the hard way.)
  • (VDM) – Vehicle Deathmatching – Running someone over with a vehicle, this should be avoided at all times.