Game Controls

Southern California is Controller and Keyboard friendly

General GTA game controls apply on both controller and keyboard for movement and gameplay.

Keyboard only:

  • Animations: F3 (Use arrows to navigate)
  • Boat Anchor: LeftALT+U
  • Cancel Animation: X (Press then press again to turn off hands up)
  • Accessories: K
  • Crouch: ALT + F
  • Exit Vehicle Inventory: “Backspace” Ensure you exit menu, or you will get stuck
  • Hands up: X (must hold to keep hands up)
  • Inventory: F2
  • Job menu: F6
    • Lock, unlock, open/close doors, turn engine on and off
      Note: vehicle must belong to you to lock / unlock
  • Note: backspace closes most menus
  • Open Tablet: LeftALT + L
    • (To exit tablet, click the button at the bottom or, click on an empty space in the background and hit ESC.)
  • Pay Invoices: F7
  • Pet Menu: F10
  • Phone: LeftALT + F1
  • Player list: LeftALT + Page Up
  • Point Finger: B
  • Text chat: T (NOTE: only the commands below are functional; regular chatting is disabled. Use the phone to communicate with other players)
    • /shuff (shuffles your car seat)
    • /repair (attempts to repair your car. If in mechanic shop (yellow wrenches) it will be repaired by an NPC based on damage. Does not work if there is mechanics online.)
    • /e [emote] (Use F3 to see the list of available emotes you can use.)
    • /switch (allows you to switch characters without quitting. BETA feature.)
  • Vehicle Extra’s: F9 (must be in car)
  • Vehicle Inventory: (minus key)
  • Vehicle Livery’s: F5 (must be in car)
  • Vehicle Menu: M
  • Voice chat: N (can be changed in game settings)

*Note: Some controls still require a keyboard