Car Thief

The Cruzan Family

The Car Thief gang is run by the Cruzan family. They have entrenched themselves with wealth in the black market trade of high-end super cars and luxury vehicles. The Cruzan’s hold a heavy hand in the politics of Southern California. Thanks to this they have influenced politicians to push laws in their favor and even provide assistance to the more impoverished areas. Of course this has been done to gain public favor. What better way to remain in power if the public places high respects on a family that helps those in need?

To become part of the Car Thief gang you will want to show advanced driving skills. Cars are highly valued and as a Car Thief you will get a cut at the end of the week based on the current money pool and team size. The money pool also pays your salary. If you aren’t stealing cars, the money pool will become empty and no one will be getting their salary. There is also need of bodyguards as the use of violence is required at times during hot pursuits. Bodyguards receive bonuses at the end of the week as well. The police force has acquired a special unit that goes by the name “Speed Enforcement”. This unit is highly trained and has access to much higher end vehicles than your regular policemen. They must be avoided at all cost. The unit is unforgiving and can track stolen vehicles very easily while you are on the move.