24/7 Driver

As a 24/7 driver your job is to deliver goods to other 24/7 stores to help keep stock as well as deliver goods to clients.

1. The 24/7 job is located on the purple motorcycle icon located on your map. You will want to go to the back of the store to change into your work uniform.


2. Once you are changed you will need to pick up some goods and grab  motorcycle. The pick up spot should be right next to your locker room. Once you pick your goods and motorcycle you will be shown points to deliver on your GPS. Take care of your motorcycle! You can’t deliver without it and you will be charged for any repairs at the end of your shift.



3. When you are done with your shift, you want head back to home base to return your vehicle. You will be paid for your work done and be charged any vehicles repairs. There is an infinite list of items and places to deliver. You want to make sure you end your shift by going back to home base or return to the store when asked to.