When you first join you will be unemployed and given $50,000 as a bonus for joining our city. There is a variety of jobs available to choose from both public and whitelisted. Public jobs are the listed jobs you can find at the job center while whitelisted jobs require recruitment. Bosses of each whitelisted society will have their own method of recruitment. This can vary from filling out an application to having an initiation. Ask around and talk to the civilians of Southern California! Who you know can make all the difference.

Most jobs have salaries starting at $1,000. Some jobs require you to perform tasks and acquire items which can then be sold for a profit. Other jobs require you to be paid by your boss. Payment is organized by your boss and sometimes is set to be automatic. Ambulance and police enforcement are whitelisted EMS jobs. These jobs will require an interview from the current department boss. (Note: There are plans for an applications process to be follow for EMS Jobs.)

Where is my money?

You salary is paid out to your bank account. To access your bank account you can go to almost any ATM. They are not shown as blips on the maps due to a map marker limit that causes issues. To buy items you want to make sure you are holding cash. To protect your money, you want to make sure it is in your bank account.

What can I do with my money?

The most important thing to do is make sure you have money to eat. You don’t want to starve to death as there is a $2,000 revive fee that is automatically taken from your bank account (This will change in the future). You can also buy homes and apartments as well as rent places. There is a large number of available properties. The same property cannot be owned by more than one player at once. Renting/owning a properties allows you to store items and outfits. You can invite friends over for parties or meet ups as well. You can also buy vehicles at the Southern California Dealership located Downtown. You can own a large number of vehicles which are stored in public garages all over the map. These garages are not all labeled due to the map marker limit.