Airline Pilot

  1. As an airline pilot its your responsibility to deliver cargo. For starters you want to head to Devin Weston’s Hanger at the Southern California. There should be an airplane marker on the map that you can follow. Once in the hanger you want to change into your Airline Outfit.

2. Once your outfit is chosen you want to select which aircraft you will be piloting for your shift. You will then want to head down the run way to have enough space to take off the ground. Safety is important!

3. There should be a marker on your GPS to deliver your cargo. You want to fly towards the marker on your map. You should see a large are marked in which to drop your cargo in the middle of the sky. Markers will keep appearing on your map to drop your cargo.

4. Your shift ends whenever you decide as the markers will keep appearing in most cases. When your shift ends you want to return hack to Devin Weston’s Hanger to return the aircraft for repairs and get paid for your work.