Governors Blog – August 27th

First and foremost, I’d like to thank this community. On Saturday night, we had a hugely successful event at the 5151 Mansion. This event, organized by the cities Mayor, Joe Jackson and head of health and services division, Dr. Velektra Mars was an attempt at bringing together the community, a community that has skyrocketed in size the last few weeks. The event, which was highly organized and prepared for, was an opportunity for citizens of Southern California who have been here since the city was founded to mingle with new members of the city who have recently migrated from cities such as NLRP, MCRP, and Cloud 9.

I think it’s safe to say the event went better than any of us imagined. In the past, events have been hit or miss – not everyone shows up, people cause trouble elsewhere and divert attention. For those that do show up, they don’t always take it seriously and can cause trouble in the events. With the help of the Southern California Police Department, Officer John McClane worked diligently to ensure that the event site was safe and secure for all attendees. He ensured everyone was parking in the appropriate area and was not bringing in illegal weapons or drugs to the event. His leadership in the organizing of event security was a major reason for the success of the event. Furthermore, officers Jackson and Garcia assisted the Governor’s office in a highly specialized and secure operation to protect the cities staff. Both of them did an excellent job.

At the event, citizens were actively participating, fully engaged, and having fun. Tacos were served by myself and Mayor Jackson, and drinks were served by Mike Barber from the Bahama Mamas. Many of you swam and sat in the hot tub, and for almost a solid hour, you danced and socialized on the mansion’s manicured dance floor to the music of Rave:Electro and DJ Raku. In short, this event was by far the most successful event in the cities history and will be remembered in the future as the bar that we set in the future. The two hours I spent at the event Saturday night were the two best hours I have spent in the city, period. I was elated to be there, encouraged by the turnout, and emotional at the response from the community. Seeing all you gathered in one place, socializing, participating, and communicating was proof that the hard work we’ve all put into this city is paying off.

With the above being said, I’d like to address some of the issues the city is still facing.

In my opinion, our biggest challenges are with growing faster than we were prepared to handle. Don’t get me wrong, I am elated with the incredible response we’ve had. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and having fun. However, I can also sense the frustration growing in some of you over the following issues:

  • Immature player-base causing challenges for the Police Department:
    • This includes RDM, VDM, and FailRP. Although significantly better due to whitelisting, it still happens sometimes.
    • Whitelisting has made things better but is not perfect. We are implementing a state-run office that will be tasked with vetting all new citizens who don’t already know someone here.
    • Citizens who don’t know anyone, or cannot provide proof of existing roleplay knowledge will be asked to wait in the whitelist queue until a member of this team can escort them into the city.
    • Citizens who are interested in applying for the above position, Government: Immigration should contact the Governor or the Mayor to apply.
  • A lack of organization in the police force:
    • The city has an excellent chief of police, Chief Murdock who has been here since early on in the cities founding. Despite his best efforts, the cities growth, as well as choices made by the Government have led to a challenging scenario which can often lead to chaos and frustration.
    • I have asked Murdock to work directly with the Governor’s office to ensure:
      • Policies are defined
      • Jail times/fines are published publicly
      • Citizen complaints are heard
      • A path to promotion exists for experienced officers
      • A concise and professional training program is developed
      • Officers are following a standard set of procedures
      • Officers are provided sympathy training
      • Officers are actively engaged, protecting, and serving the community
  • Additional Law Enforcement Agencies needed:
    • City officials are working diligently to form the following agencies:
      • Military
        • Ensure the protection of top-secret weapons and equipment.
        • Oversight and protection of military bases and top-secret locations.
        • In the event of an extraterrestrial invasion, will be authorized to engage with military force.
        • In the event of a government takeover, will be authorized to engage with military force.
        • Authorized to shoot unauthorized civilian aircraft out of the sky.
        • Organize military parades.
      • FBI
        • The FBI’s main goal is to protect and defend the United States, to uphold and enforce the criminal laws of the United States, and to provide leadership and criminal justice services to federal, state, municipal, and international agencies and partners.
        • The primary agency tasked with investigating incidents related to paranormal activity.
        • Primarily responsible for high-profile bank robberies and incidents involving fraud in an amount greater than $25,000.
        • Assist the State, Sherriff, and Police departments as needed.
      • State Police
        • State police officers are responsible for maintaining law and order across the entire state jurisdiction. This includes patrolling roadways, enforcing state laws, maintaining peace and assisting municipal law enforcement when necessary. The State Police will work closely with the Governor’s office to ensure an adequate training program is in place across all Law Enforcement Agencies and will ensure that coverage of Emergency Services exists across city 1 and 2 at peak times.
      • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
        • Patrol of:
          • Grapeseed, Sandy Shore’s, and Paleto Bay.
          • Oversight and security for Bolingbroke Penitentiary.
      • Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Office
        • Patrol of:
          • Los Angeles, Compton, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Malibu.
  • Business Policy and Procedure
    • Civ-owned businesses provided a service to the citizens of the city but require government oversight to ensure success.
    • A new agency is forming to ensure:
      • Businesses are paying fair wages
      • Businesses are offering equal opportunity employment
      • Businesses are offering high-quality products and services
      • Businesses are ensuring coverage across all city locations (spreading mechanics across city 1 and 2 during peak times, for example)
      • A process for new businesses to incorporate
      • Citizens who are interested in applying for the above position, Government: Immigration should contact the Governor or the Mayor to apply.
  • Street Gangs and Criminals
    • Criminals are allowed to operate in the city but need to abide by a set of rules to ensure there is not an unfair balance weighted towards them.
    • Territory needs to be established.
    • Rules of engagement need to be established.
    • Rules relating to RDM need to be established.
    • Cool-down periods and safe-zones need to be established.
    • Long-running roleplay scenarios need to be developed, rather than juvenile single events

I believe that with the above changes, the city can continue to grow and flourish. I am asking for your continued patronage, assistance, and patience as we continue to work on these very important issues. Everything takes time, but if you’re willing to stick with us, we can guarantee that we will continue to focus diligently on making improvements for the good of our citizens. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback lately and we firmly believe that this project will be a success. We are relying on every citizen to work hard and take pride in the city. Create something – be something – develop your character. We’re in this for the long-run and we hope you’re here to stay!

Please be on the lookout on the cities Discord channel in #Government-Jobs for more information about positions with the State Government.

And finally, I would like to be transparent about our development priorities. Everyone has been waiting patiently and I ask that you continue to do so until we can finalize all of your requests. The list below is the order we are working in, with the older requests being worked first. We will get to everyone, but it takes time:

  • R0J0 Airlines – 50% complete
  • Vanilla Unicorn – 75% complete
  • Addition of new gangs, mafia, etc – 90% complete
  • Creation of additional Law Enforcement Agencies – 5% complete

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