Server Update – Hackers – Community Thanks

It is late, I haven’t slept much in a few weeks, and I have to work in a few hours but wanted to give everyone a quick update on three things:

  • Server update:
    • As of this morning – 8/15 – we have purchased a dedicated server in New York. FiveM is installed and configured. We are in the process of moving the server resources and will begin testing in the next few days for reliability. If reliable, we will migrate everyone over. Because this is a completely dedicated server with more resources, and located in a more central location for US and UK based players, we believe it will resolve the outstanding reliability issues people have been having. The existing server will remain online and available until the new server is completely up and running to avoid disrupting the community.
  • Hackers:
    • Many of you experienced an issue with a hacker on 8/14 where all members of the community were placed in jail and had items removed from their inventory. We have banned the person responsible and are investigating methods of preventing this in the future. For those who lost significant resources (inventory, in-game money, etc.) please contact an admin via Discord for help.
  • Community thanks:
    • Despite the reliability issues and other issues outside our control (hackers, trolls, etc) I am extremely touched by the outpouring of community support shown for the server. It is very clear to me that the community values the server and wants it to succeed. I appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to more roleplaying experiences to be had soon. This has been a trying and stressful time for admins and developers. Undoubtedly, you are likely frustrated and we are working diligently to ensure you have the best experience possible. The community has shown they are willing to stand by us while we resolve the issues and you’ve all been such a great encouragement to us to keep going and try new things. Thank you from the bottom of your hearts for your love and support. We think a more stable, fulfilling, and fun experience is right around the corner and we can’t wait to experience it with all of you.

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