Corruption Investigation into Police Impersonation in Southern California

Do you recognize the name, “John Peppers?” Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t ring a bell. Southern California residents were surprised to wake up to find they had a new chief of police, even if only for a few hours. In the early hours of Monday morning, July 30th, a local citizen gained access to the Southern California Mission Row Police Headquarters and was able to gain entry into the SCPD computer system. Peppers, who has since been charged with impersonating an officer, criminal mischief, and felony computer hacking was able to temporarily remove the staff profiles for some of the existing police officers and temporarily grant himself access to the SCPD database personnel database. A second officer, Xavier Phillips has been suspended on suspicion of similar crimes and is being investigated by Internal Affairs. Additionally, John Peppers is under federal investigation by the FBI for crimes relating to bank wire fraud and illegal entry into an FDIC insured banking computer. Citizens with information about these crimes are encouraged to contact their the Police immediately. A reward is offered for information relating to the arrest, capture, and conviction of suspected Police impersonators.

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