Changelog for 7-24-18

Script Modifications, Additions, and removals

-Removed weapon crosshair
-Removed ammo count
-Added recoil
Note: aiming is best in first person view for accuracy!

Engine toggle:
-Engine does not automatically shut off after leaving vehicle
-Engine can be turned on and off from vehicle menu (M key)
-Engine can be left on outside of car
-Engine can be left off even when sitting in car
Note: vehicle will run out of gas if left on for prolonged time

Mechanic Job:
-Fixed mission start/end button mapping to controller (use Delete key on keyboard)
-Increased pay for Mechanic to between $100-200 per “mission”

Street Names and Compass:
-Updated fonts and colors – more user friendly
-Moved location, still lower left but better placement

-Removed “Who’s Talking”
-Moved voice indicator placement (lower left near street names/compass)
NOTE: Change from Normal/Shout/Whisper with Shift + H

Police Stations:
-Added two additional police stations (visible on map)
-Added marker locations for police officers to retrieve vehicles, weapons, uniform, and gear from other locations

-Updated to latest version

Server maintenance/misc
– Cleared server cache
– Restarted serve

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