Local Man, Joe Jackson, Winner of National Geographic Photo Contest treated for Pneumonia

A prominent local figure, Joe Jackson of Southern California has one more item to add to his ever-growing list of accolades… an official feature in National Geographic magazine. The magazine, which held a contest this month for the best night-time photography. Jackson entered the contest with a photo he took from his small boat, a few hundred feet off the Del Perro Beach. Jackson mentioned that it took him several hundred photos to capture this specific shot. Jackson was outside for several hours on a dark, cold, and stormy night in Southern California and had to be treated for pneumonia but said in an interview, “it was well worth the trouble.” He was treated at the local Southern California hospital on Strawberry Ave and Crusade Rd.

Jackson’s photo will be featured in the upcoming volume of National Geographic but can also be seen in-person in the SoCal Art District, 477 Rockford Hills in Southern California.

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