Change log for 6-13-18

Script Modifications, Additions, and removals
Locked Doors at MissionRow, Jail, and SandyShores:
– Police can lock and unlock doors in these locations

Animations Menu:
– Translated all items to English from French
– Moved menu screen location to bottom right

Food Truck Job:
– Added marker location to pickup truck, change clothes, etc
– Added grill, table, chairs (spannable from F6 menu)
– Added market where supplies for food truck can be purchased

Reporter Job:
– Translated entrance and exit locations to English from French

Real Estate Job:
– Updated, tested, confirmed working

Heads-up Banking and Job Display (Top right Corner)
– Fixed issue where bank balances and job title were not showing

Website related
Installed WordPress on and started building starter pages.

Server maintenance/misc
– Cleared server cache
– Restarted server

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