Changelog for 6-9-18

Script Modifications, Additions, and removals
Vehicle Menu:
– A modified vehicle menu has been added to replace the previous. This new vehicle menu features a locking system and allows for remote control. Use “M” to open the menu (same as previously).

New Radio Station:
– Mouse Trap is a new radio station replacing the default “Rebel Radio” in the selection wheel. You will see a new icon in the wheel and when selected, you will hear a selection of trap music streamed 24/7.

No Player Blips:
– Uninstalled/reinstalled NoPlayerBlips script due to the inability for admins to see player dots when needed. Admins can now see player blips and overhead names in game. This is disabled for non-admins.

Server maintenance/misc
– Cleared server cache
– Restarted server

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