Change log for 6-8-18

Script Modifications, Additions, and removals
– A trunk/vehicle inventory system has been added. To access, while near a vehicle trunk push the Minus Key (-)
Note: there is a weight limit in the trunk and if you are carrying too many items, you won’t be able to add more

Hospital/Death script:
– Decreased death respawn @ hospital time to 3 minutes
– If you die, you can respawn at the hospital immediately (or at anytime in less than 3 minutes) for a $1,000 fine
– Fixed bug where players would randomly respawn at the hospital even though they were not dead

Black screen on log-in:
– Resolved issue where players would see a black screen after login. Tested and confirmed resolved.

Server maintenance/misc
– Updated server name
– Cleared server cache
– Restarted server

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