Change log for 6-6-18

Script Modifications, Additions, and removals
– Added “Ad” script. Admins can issue alerts across the city which will trigger to all citizens.
Example commands: /ad traffic, /ad fleeca, /ad ammunation, /ad mazebank, /ad lmotors, /ad samotors, /ad lscustoms, /ad dcabco, /ad facebook

– Added Module_Debug script which allows admins to debug / gain insight into coordinates and vehicle info
More info:
– Added Universal Menu which is required for some plugins (such as Module_Debug), above
– Modified chat background to 100% transparent.
– Added vehicle black/whitelisting to prevent unauthorized use of certain vehicles. This list has not yet been generated but the mechanism is in place.
– Removed mafia job

NASA cars (x3) helicopter, and plane (with space shuttle)
nasa1 – car
nasa2 – car
nasa3 – SUV
sofia – Boeing 777 w/ no shuttle
sshuttle – Boeing 777 w/ shuttle (not working currently)

More Info:
Security cars
bsfugitive, bsgranger, bspony, stockade2, g6buffalo, g6mesa, mwstanier, mwgresley, mwpremier

More Info:–Add-On-
1994 Chevy Suburban
Land Rover Discovery 4 –

MAPS added:
Multiple new mansions, locations, and enhancements:
– LAPD Hollywood
– LAPD Vespucci
– In-N-Out Burgers
– Krispy Kreme
– Car Warehouse
– Bayside (new neighborhood)
– Grapeseed enhancements
– Sandy Shores Train Station
– Moderm Sandy Shores Airfield
– Sandy Shores enhancements
– Railhouse (LA River)
– Marlowe Valley Safehouse and Airport
– Vehicle Garage at Michael’s mansion
– Huge detailed villa
– Music Producers Mansion
– Governors Mansion
– US/Canada Border Checkpoint
– Paleto Bay enhancements
– Vespucci Beach enhanced
– Sandy Shores enhanced
– Extended Mission Row PD and Safe House
– Sandy Shores Police Station Upgrade
– Enhanced vegetation across the city
– Added realistic billboards and advertisements around the city
More Info:

Server maintenance/misc
– Cleared server cache
– Restarted server

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